***More exciting updates to come!!***

Join us in the simple act of giving……….giving with grace​​.

Feel free to join us in uplifting, encouraging, and supporting our sisters.  You are welcome to contact us here to participate in our initial act of giving.

Founders (left to right):  Rachel McKinsey, Stephanie Kitchen, & Tamika Byer

“God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble." 
                                                                                     -James 4:6

…restoring grace to women in need


Giving with Grace is a public service ministry established to provide the amazing experience of giving as an act of grace from God.  Our goal is to create pure giving opportunities to meet an expressed need, make a positive impact, and support a worthy cause.  It was born from the desire to uplift and encourage women and girls regardless of their circumstances.

Our initial act of giving is to provide feminine hygiene products and new intimate wear to women and girls in challenging situations.  

Our future acts of giving will include: 

  • Educational efforts in the area of technology, women's health, and reading programs
  • Developing programs for incarcerated women (adults and minors)
  • Youth mentoring programs